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The perfect promotional giveaway is here. When your customer is happy, it is a win for your brand. Order one for your brand today.


Why do brands give out promotional merchandise and giveaways? The reasons are plenty - acquiring new customers, retaining old ones, creating brand awareness, and providing a better customer experience. How worthwhile are the effort and money spent if the customer doesn’t connect with the brand?

Unfortunately, most promotional giveaways are left unread and unused as they do not stand out or add value to the customers. Giving customers a product that is good for them or unique goes a long way in building a positive perception and convincing them to engage with your brand.

Better the incentive, the stronger the connection. That is the thought behind QRpromoz.

We understand that an engaged client is always good for business. One little personalized sachet of goodness and an intelligent QR technology is all it takes sometimes. It is affordable marketing at its best. All you need to do is choose from our catalog of edibles and sanitizers to fill the sachet customized to go with your brand guidelines. Next, we leverage technology and create your personalized QR code to be printed on the sachets and build a landing page for your customers to visit. That is it, and you are all set to hit the market.

You have the freedom to choose what kind of incentive you would offer your customers after they scan the QR code and come to your brand’s landing page. You can run an event, a contest, quiz, or give discount coupons as a means to collect leads.

As simple as 1,2,3.
Ensure continued engagement. Increased Brand Recall. Better Product Awareness. You get all this when your customers scan the QR code leading them to your brand’s exclusive promotional page.

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