Are QR Codes Slowly Taking Over Promotional Marketing?

June 7th, 2022

Have you ever been given a business card that doesn't contain boring details but a QR code that takes you to a custom landing page?

Have you ever installed a home furnishing that doesn't come with a printed manual but a QR code with a step-by-step video guide?

You must have definitely visited a retail store that has QR codes with every displayed item for you to scan and see its reviews directly from other customers. Right?

QR codes are becoming increasingly common today. These two-dimensional barcodes can be seen everywhere, from print media to every digital avenue. Do you remember the last time you saw a sales brochure without one?

QR code marketing provides a means to interact with your audience and make that interaction memorable. Using them in your promotional marketing strategy will take your consumer engagements to the next level. Let's figure out how.


  • Exclusive to Your Brand 


If you look at the QR code itself, there isn't much exclusivity; all of them look the same. However, what happens when the code is scanned makes it a mystery. And everyone likes to solve them.

When you give out gift vouchers, your audience knows exactly what they got. While the same could be true for QR codes, they give you the opportunity to be unique and on-brand. 

Bringing your consumer to a custom landing page with an exclusive deal or giveaway would make him feel special, like an insider. And there aren't many incentives that can compete with that feeling. 

If your product is good for your consumers and unlike anything they have ever tried, consider them impressed and expect long-term engagement without any more convincing. Our catalog of customizable sachets will get you one step closer to achieving the same.

So even if a QR code may feel impersonal, the suitable QR code marketing campaigns are the opposite.  


  • Convenient to Your Audience 


There isn't any other promotional marketing tool that is easier to use than a QR code. Look at gift vouchers; your users would have to put in the code to make it work and reap the benefits. With QR codes, all you have to do is scan. 

It is a one-step process that creates an action and a result for your users to land directly on your website or where your QR code marketing strategy may want them to. 


  • Free for You and Your Audience 


The power of free is undeniable. The word instills an instant desire that didn’t exist before. QR codes and giveaways capitalize on that and compel your audience to indulge in your brand.

Chris Anderson’s book, Free: The Future of a Radical Price, gives insights into how consumers perceive free goodies. In his experiment, he found that anything free would always be every consumer’s preference, even if the price difference is only a penny.

Considering QR codes don’t cost businesses much to generate and they work impeccably well to capture your audience’s eye, they are a proven way to make yourself visible and memorable to your audience. 

Even when you associate a giveaway with the QR code, you do not have to spend a hefty amount. A small goodie package with chocolates or pocket-sized edible sachets would do the deed just as effectively as a full-blown PR package.


  • Unlimited Access to Information


Real estate space. 

That's a term you would never hear when QR code marketing examples are talked about. This is because they don't require much space.

The purpose of a QR code is to be scanned and take the consumer where you want them to go. Once the user reaches that space, there is no limit to the kind and amount of information you can give him. 

A comprehensive walkthrough of your services; 

A custom landing page to introduce your brand to the consumer;

An informative blog;

An interactive video; 

It is you who decides how to leverage QR codes and the information it would provide your consumers.


  • Stimulates Action Like Never Before 


QR code campaigns have an astounding rate of being actionable. The concept exudes action, and the consumers prevail.

It's not just true for digital marketing but also for print media, which isn't really renowned for being interactive. QR codes in print advertising have been a revolutionary change in promotions. 

Run contests with QR codes; 

Get registrations for your products and services; 

Enable purchases directly from your ad;

Or simply provide a giveaway of your choice and make yourself known to your audience. 

Any action you want from a QR promotion is possible, given you strategically create a user journey to scan that code.


The Final Word 


There is absolutely no doubt that QR codes are reigning on the promotional marketing front. And they will continue to gain more traction soon. 

Your business would immensely benefit from them. With QRPromoz, you can successfully leverage QR codes along with our customizable giveaways to make that first impression count and gain a sense of trust from your customers.