3 Reasons You Need to Incorporate Customized Giveaways into Your Marketing Strategy

July 4th, 2022

Constantly posting on social media, writing blogs, indulging in email campaigns, or working with affiliates are all great ways to promote your business and its offering. They all have incredible advantages, but only in some circumstances do they invoke an emotional response from your target audience. 

What does invoke a reaction, almost always, is a promotional giveaway, a gift that you give your prospects. Who doesn’t love gifts?

80% of people who receive promotional gifts have an instant reaction, and 82% develop a favorable impression of the brand after receiving the product.

90% of people receiving a product as a giveaway remember the brand giving it to them, and 89% remember it for two years or more. 

Over 50% of people use a promotional product every week.

With an estimated value of over $23 billion consisting of over 40,000 companies,  it suffices to say that promotional giveaways are an effective tool to make your audience know you, like you, and develop a connection with you. 

If your promotional gifts are personalized giveaways, you will benefit even more. Here are some reasons why.

  • Customizations make the consumer feel valued. 

Custom giveaway items reflect the time and effort put into piecing them together. They portray authenticity and uniqueness that other promotional tools cannot parallel. By speaking to the consumer directly, they make them feel valued and happy. 

From the prospects to your existing customers, personalization impacts everyone. Seeing a personalized message from a brand with a handy gift lets the regular customers know they are appreciated and makes the prospects aware that your brand understands how vital consumer relationships are. This comprehension will make consumers inclined toward your brand because they know they are valued instead of being just a figure on the sales sheet.

  • Customizations facilitate brand awareness with a personal touch.

You are putting your brand in front of new consumers with personalized giveaway items. Maybe they will like it; perhaps they won’t; the expectations associated with giveaways are quite low, if at all. However, personalization at least makes them pay attention. 

Consider a small bundle of customized goodies, a message, and a link to a custom landing page to a catalog of all your best sellers. Even if the consumer isn’t wowed with the goodies, he would still be intrigued to explore your collection. Maybe a sale doesn’t happen, but you would have successfully put your brand on the consumer's map. That kind of awareness is critical when you aim for a longer relationship with your audience than a quick one.

  • Customizations build strong connections. 

A bar of chocolate with your name on it or a sanitizer with your initials on the bottle will hold your attention like no other chocolate bar or sanitizer. You will remember not only the personalized touch of the product but also the quality it comes with. That is the power of custom branded giveaways; they will make your brand memorable, and that too for a long time. 

Whenever your logo is seen, it’ll remind your consumers and prospects of your thoughtfulness towards them. A familiarity would get instilled, automatically drawing in consumers for a long time, resulting in stronger and better consumer relationships. 


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