5 great ways that QR codes can help promote your business

April 6th, 2022

QR codes have become an increasingly popular means of promoting products and services. From quick check-ins to long addressee lists, QR codes have endless uses. With its ability to link to websites or mobile apps quickly and easily, QR codes are a great asset for promotional marketing. Because of this, you should consider using them in your promotional campaigns to increase brand visibility and drive more customers towards your brand. 

1. Use them for product launches.

A QR code can be a great way to get the word out when you have an exciting new product or service to launch. You can link to relevant content, provide coupon codes, or add an interactive element that allows the customer to engage with the product. This takes little effort and adds real value to the customer experience. You can add a QR code to the packaging of your products or on a small giveaway alongside your product. This allows you to provide information quickly and easily about your product from the moment it is unpacked.

2. Use them for easy customer engagement.

Another great use of QR codes is creating quick and easy customer engagement. For example, you might have a loyalty program. While your customers will love getting points and coupons in the mail, they might not always have time to redeem them. Adding a QR code to a promotional giveaway and giving it to your customer when they are buying your product or at an event allows you to engage with them whenever they have a few seconds. You can let the QR code take them to your social media platforms, open a chat screen, or take them to a landing page where you can run an engagement program that goes with your brand. This adds value to your brand while also encouraging more customer engagement.

3. Use them for lead generation. 

Let your QR code take your customers to a landing page that can capture their details. This is a great way to collect leads and add them to your database or sales funnel. This is especially useful for small and medium B2B businesses. Ensure to incentivize your customers in return for their information, as this will help get buy-in and a mutually beneficial relationship. Don't keep the form too long and require too many details to be filled in as it may deter the customers. 

4. Use them to help customers reach you.   

Adding a QR code is a great way for your customers to reach out to you and find your location or contact details. Let the QR code take them to a customized landing page where a contact form can let them reach your customer service or support. You may also want to consider including on the landing page your business's physical address or its location on Google Maps. When giveaways with such details are handed over to the customers at various events and promotions, it makes the customer wants to hold onto the product. So, this allows them to get location details to your store or customer care in the future. 

5. Use them for event promotion or promote your brand at an event.

If you are putting on an event, you can also use QR codes on all giveaways. Organizers can use these codes to direct people to the customized event's website or a particular product page. They can read more about the event or the product, purchase tickets, sign up for a newsletter, or get a discount coupon. Since most customers use their mobile to interact, a QR code is easy to use and allows a brand to be as interactive as they want to be.  

Most marketing people assume that a QR code-based promotional item must be an expensive and time-intensive proposition. QR Promoz is changing that perception. 

Unfortunately, most promotional giveaways are left unread and unused as they do not stand out or add value to the customers. Giving customers a good or unique product for them goes a long way in building a positive perception and convincing them to engage with your brand.

 QR Promoz's giveaways come in small sachets or pouches that are useful, unique, and easy to carry. More importantly, they are highly affordable and completely customizable to go with your brand. We create a personalized QR code placed on these sachets, which takes the customer to a specific landing page when scanned. The brand can use the landing page to connect, communicate, and engage with the customers through signups, promotional offers, quizzes, or simply sharing brand details. 

You can do all this simply through a click of a few buttons. Get one for your brand today.